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    Routinely involved in Family Law matters, IFC can provide assistance in all drug and alcohol related issues
    IFC offers expertise in the evaluation, investigation and determination of drug and alcohol involvement in all criminal law matters
    IFC are routinely involved in Personal Injury; Insurance / CTP; Workplace Accident and Medical Negligence matters

    Welcome to Independent Forensic Consulting

    Independent Forensic Consulting (IFC) provides the legal community throughout Australia with alcohol and drug-related advice together with affordable, timely, objective and scientifically defensible opinions in the form of clearly written and easily understood reports and well delivered, effective testimony that can stand up to the most rigorous judicial and scientific scrutiny.

    We are a nationwide leader in the provision of affordable drug and alcohol related expert opinions to the legal community and are recognised nationwide for our high level of expertise in drug and alcohol issues and as a scientific resource to the legal community.

    Free Advice

    Use IFC as a resource to the legal community on all issues relating to drugs and alcohol.

    IFC receives enquiries daily from lawyers simply trying to clarify a point; understand an issue; or determine if drugs or alcohol may be relevant in their matter.

    Our Key Staff

    Dr. MICHAEL ROBERTSON, B.Sc (Hons), Ph.D. (For. Med)

    Clinical & Forensic Toxicologist and Chemist

    Dr. Michael Robertson is an expert in drug and alcohol-related matters with over 20 years experience both nationally and internationally.  Dr. Robertson completed his Batchelor of Science with honours in pharmacology and toxicology at Monash University and then his doctoral studies at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) Monash University, before completing his post-doctoral fellowship at National Medical Services in the USA.  He is currently the Director and Senior Clinical & Forensic Toxicologist and chemist at Independent Forensic Consulting (IFC).

    He is one of only a few independent, fully-trained and qualified clinical and forensic toxicologist’s practicing in Australia.  Dr. Robertson has been involved in some of the most complicated national and international cases and is a leading National expert in hair testing and routinely provides expertise in drug, alcohol, chemical and poison related matters.

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